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Italy Crowdfunding Portfolio

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Italy Crowdfunding Portfolio

Location: Nationwide, Italy Price: £10,000

With the advent of Crowdfunding investors are now able to take advantage of getting access to investment opportunities that were usually only available to High net worth or institutional investors.

Investing through crowdfunding offers many benefits over traditional investing including being able to invest at much lower levels, completely hands free so not having to deal with the traditional hassle of being a landlord or property developer. Much shorter timeframes, most crowdfunding investments last 12-25 months with defined exit strategies.

In addition we only work with platforms that are governed by their countries governing body. In this case the industry is overseen by the UK Financial Conduct authority.

Your capital is at risk The value of your investment may go up as well as down. You may lose all your invested capital. Your investment is not covered by the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or any other compensation scheme.

The Calabria Property Bundle was launched in April 2018 and consists of apartments in the San Rocco II Residents & Holiday Complex. The complex, with a swimming pool, is located in a peaceful tourist resort in Calabria just 300 m from the coastline. The apartments are purchased on a fixed-term 12-years lease that will potentially provide good leverage gains. Most of the operating income is generated by short-term rentals to tourists during the summer season. Since the bundle’s launch till 31.12.2019, the average returns, aggregating the capital gains and net rental yields, have been 13.3% p.a. and 0.65% p.a. Respectively

– Operative since April 2018 with average 13.3% p.a. Capital gain and 0.65% p.a. Net rental yields p.a.

– Crowdfunding in the UK is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority)

– Security

You will own shares in the SPV which owns the property portfolio

– Defined Exit Strategy

Buy-back involves selling your securities back to the SPV for their fair market value minus fair buy-back expenses. It is anticipated that Buy-backs will be organized once a year by the SPV directors.

Next Buy-back Date: March 2021
Next Dividend date: January 2021

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