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Since the reclassification of cannabis in Canada and the United States the global legal cannabis market has grown exponentially and is forecast to be worth at least $104 Billion by 2024, driven in the main by the burgeoning medicinal cannabis market accounting for $65 Billion+ in the same timeframe.

Why Medical Cannabis?

Medicinal Cannabis is at the forefront of a new medical revolution, with over 60 plant derived cannabinoids being physiologically matched to the human body now being utilised for new pharmaceuticals and therapeutics treating over 50 of the worst conditions to afflict humanity, including: Cancer, Parkinsons, Epilepsy, Chronic Pain, HIV / AIDS, Arthritis, Dementia and many, many more.

The largest pharmaceutical companies, known as Big Pharma, including Pfizer, Glaxo and Johnson & Johnson to name but a few, account for a $1.3 Trillion USD global market annually and all have 100’s of patents for medicinal cannabis derived products in multiple jurisdictions around the world.

Learn More about the Project

Our partners Orange River Wealth has secured direct access to this burgeoning new market by agreeing an exclusive buy in of an already revenue producing and fully licensed medical cannabis cultivation farm in South Africa. Via Orange River Capital, a wholly owned dedicated UK registered SPV, Orange River Wealth is obtaining 49% equity of Greengrow Capital Pty with additional funding rounds planned to increase the current production by over 3 times to approximately 10,000 kg per annum of pharmaceutical grade cannabis.

  • Socially Responsible and Ethical alternative investment in a ground breaking medical revolution
  • $25,000 USD minimum investment
  • 15% Fixed Dividend per annum
  • Full equity ownership of revenue producing operation and assets
  • Exit at year 5 with a projected 300% capital growth

More about the investment...

Greengrow Capital Pty has exclusive rights for 15 years to 1 of only 5 issued medical cannabis licenses in South Africa and is situated on the highly regarded El Passo Farm which is owned and operated by the world renowned microbiologist Dr Brylyne Chitsunge Phd, whom is currently the Pan African Ambassador for Food Security, member of the Clinton Global Initiative and strategic advisor to numerous governments around the world.

The plantation currently produces 3,000 kg of pharmaceutical grade cannabis derivatives delivering $6 Million USD in revenue. With planned expansion of production of up to 10,000 kg with the exclusive license affording additional significant growth up to 146,000 kg per annum, an independent Baker Tilly valuation of a market comparable, The company has a projected company valuation of $150 Million USD within 5 years.

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