Medical Cannabis

Invest in one of the world's fastest growing agri industries


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Would you like to be a part of one of the most burgeoning industries over the coming years?

Now you have the chance to invest in a fully licensed Medical Farm in South Africa which currently produces 3 metric tons of medical cannabis, however with the inward investment this capacity can now be boosted to 146 tonnes with letters of intent already in place to acquire the increase in capacity.
The business model is to grow and harvest the widest strain of medical cannabis through research and development and then through increased capacity to distribute worldwide to handle the increase in demand.

Industry Highlights

  • Now regulated by more than 50 countries
  • Legal cannabis forecast to reach $104 Billion by 2024
  • Prescribed for conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Anorexia and Cancer
  • Currently the most valuable cash crop on Earth

Investment Highlights

  • Earn 15% Fixed Returns per year
  • Minimum investment $25,000
  • Own shares in the SPV which will have a controlling interest in the facility
  • Earn an additional 10% profit related bonus from year 2

The longer term goal is for the company to be floated on an EU Growth market which would enable investors to sell their shares.

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