Ethically invest in UK Property

Making a positive impact through ethical real estate


Partnership with Yield Investing

Opencloud Invest are delighted to introduce are latest investment opportunity. In partnership with Yield Investing you now have the opportunity to ethically invest in UK property market, Yield Investing specialise in acquiring houses, usually in the North East of the UK which are then rented out on long term rental contracts to societies most needy through housing associations and charities. These can be people who have fallen on hard times or people with disabilities for example.

Ethical Investment

For an investor not only do they have the opportunity to invest ethically (at the time of speaking it’s astonishing that over 300,000 people have been waiting over 10 years on the government housing list to be placed) but it’s a completely handsfree way to get a high yielding UK asset.

Main benefits to investors:

• Guaranteed Rent throughout
• Tenant Damage/Maintenance Cover
• Free Property and Lettings Management
• No Voids
• Running Costs Covered
• A 10-year lease with no break clauses
• Rental rates increase alongside inflation yearly
• Truly ethical investing

Now let’s take a look at the Financials

  • Invest from £90,000
  • Enjoy a 10 Year rental guarantee.
  • Net returns 9-11%
  • You can sell the property early to another investor if you wish, this is something yield invest can help you with.

Here is an example property

• 2 Bedroom Mid Terrace House in Hartlepool
• Price: £116,400.00
• Rent: £10,478.00
• PA Yield: 9% (NET)
• 10 Year Guaranteed income

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