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Investing and acquiring football clubs in Europe, USA and South America



Did you know global football market size was valued at $ 1,883.6 million in 2019. In the opintion of various football market analysis, it is estimated to reach $ 3,712.7 million by 2027. The global market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 18.3% from 2021 to 2027. Football is held as one of the worlds most lucrative and popular sports investments.

How can Opencloud Invest help?

Whether this be a purely business decision, pleasure or most probably a mixture of both owning a football club can be immensely rewarding and a lucrative venture.

Through our network of contacts we are able to offer our clients exclusive access to some of the most prestigious leagues in Europe where we have an entry route into all levels. In addition we have access to clubs in South America, including Brazil, Argentina and the USA.

What are the benefits of owning a football club, and what are the capital requirements?

Apart from the obvious passion and enjoyment of owning a sports club there are many benefits.

  • Particularly for South American clubs there is the opportunity to act as feeder to some of the larger European clubs.
  • There are opportunities to develop the youth and scouting systems to develop young players which can be sold onto larger European clubs.
  • For clubs in Europe and the USA there are the obvious citizenship benefits, high class schooling opportunities and lifestyle benefits that come along with acquiring a football club.
  • As a business with the right management you can bring onboard lucrative sponsors, TV rights, prize money and so on.
  • With the network we have access to we have a wide spectrum of clubs to choose from and a level to suit you.
  • For South American clubs you should look at an initial outlay of $2 million to the top European clubs of $40-50 Million.

How can Opencloud Invest help?

We can guide on navigating this complex arena, we can Identify the right clubs based on your goals, requirements and capital outlay.

We will undergo forensic due diligence on any acquisition that is essential in the complex world of football financing, you will have a holistic overview club to help you make an informed decision.

We can Identify a strategic management team and act as an advisory for your acquisition giving to the opportunity to put together a winning team that will put you in a position to achieve your long term strategic

What are the next steps?

Fill in the form below and you can book a private consultation with Konrad Fox the Director of Opencloud Invest. All meetings will be held with the upmost discretion and confidentiality of our clients.
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